Welcome to the Leverage bar at the Marketing Deli!

M; Fresh Focused

Welcome back to the Marketing “DELI” If this is your first visit, you’ve walked right past the “Differentiate” cooler and the “Engage” counter. Both offer some delicious insights. Now, join us at the “Leverage” bar. It’s far back in the quieter area where, like our marketing, we may not visit as often as we should…. Read more »

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – especially in marketing

picture of an empty arena getting set up for a basketball game

My two worlds collided – marketing met basketball. As a crazy obsessed passionate Toronto Raptors fan since 1996, I have followed this team closely and now as a marketer, it’s more than just the basketball. An article from CBC titled, “Raptors’ marketing team setting the trends”, caught my attention the other week because: It’s about the favourite… Read more »

Stop talking!

A picture of three speech bubbles

I don’t like awkward pauses. To me, that empty air reeks of uncertainty, helplessness or inadequacy. I often fill it with inane babble (or personal stuff better kept to myself). But there is benefit in not filling every second of a conversation… It lends importance – When you pause noticeably, it’s often because your preceding… Read more »

Who doesn’t love a trip to the DELI?

M; Fresh Focused

At TLM, more and more we’re finding potential clients are coming to us looking for the tactical fixes to address new marketing challenges. They’re quick to ask about the best and/or trendiest social media bandwagon, how to function around heavy-handed anti-spam legislation, how and where to employ content marketing. All important questions, but what seems… Read more »

Quiet Writing

a sign saying Shhhh

Huh!? What’s quiet writing? It’s my term for crafting a written piece that conveys a message, but doesn’t overwhelm a reader or convey superiority. Pretty intangible concept, right? Let me explain… Look at the two examples below. My first impressions of sample A is that it is an official, formal piece of writing. Slightly intimidating… Read more »

Our staff pick the Top Ads of 2015

Advertisements do a lot more than sell a product or an idea. They also spark creativity, make you think, engage and even shed a tear or two. Here at TLM, we love a good cry, laugh or a topic that peaks out interest and for that, we’d like to showcase our Top Ads of 2015!… Read more »