Bentley’s Journey to Walk – An Update One Year Later

You may remember our posts on Guelph resident, Bentley Mitchell, or you may already be a follower of his story. Just over one year ago, he was in St. Louis undergoing life-changing Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery. It’s a procedure that treats muscle spasticity (painful cramps and spasms) and most commonly affects those with Cerebral Palsy, like… Read more »

Quiet Writing

a sign saying Shhhh

Huh!? What’s quiet writing? It’s my term for crafting a written piece that conveys a message, but doesn’t overwhelm a reader or convey superiority. Pretty intangible concept, right? Let me explain… Look at the two examples below. My first impressions of sample A is that it is an official, formal piece of writing. Slightly intimidating… Read more »

Stuff We Like

Marketing that got us talking Android: Rock, Paper, Scissors “Goodbye/Hello”- HelloLife Smart Phone-Activated Posters Celebrate Gay Pride at Toronto Schools The Toronto school district is using smart-phone-activated Pride posters to raise awareness about LGBT issues.                                     Honey Maid Skips Romance and… Read more »

What’s Up at The Letter M?

Safe Hands – Strong Futures in Waterloo Region We’ve been hard at work developing branding, messaging and a powerful communications toolkit to support the launch of the Waterloo Region Child and Youth Advocacy Centre’s community fundraising campaign. With an average of more than one reported case of child sexual or physical assault reported every single… Read more »

A Tale of Two Libraries

A highlight of our project work this year has been leading rebranding exercises for the public libraries in Richmond Hill and Guelph. Not only have the people at both libraries been delightful to work with, it’s an intriguing professional challenge to lead an exercise to define an organization’s brand as it sits on the edge… Read more »