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Welcome to the Leverage bar at the Marketing Deli!

M; Fresh Focused

Welcome back to the Marketing “DELI” If this is your first visit, you’ve walked right past the “Differentiate” cooler and the “Engage” counter. Both offer some delicious insights. Now, join us at the “Leverage” bar. It’s far back in the quieter area where, like our marketing, we may not visit as often as we should…. Read more »

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – especially in marketing

picture of an empty arena getting set up for a basketball game

My two worlds collided – marketing met basketball. As a crazy obsessed passionate Toronto Raptors fan since 1996, I have followed this team closely and now as a marketer, it’s more than just the basketball. An article from CBC titled, “Raptors’ marketing team setting the trends”, caught my attention the other week because: It’s about the favourite… Read more »

With great power comes great responsibility

What, this old thing? I'm wearing the logo of an awesome fundraiser that supports kids and the arts. #Namedrop @InspirationGW

I’m thinking of cheating on my favourite morning radio team. It’s not that they’ve lost their mojo: Marilyn Denis will always tickle my funny bone. It’s the tagline on a high end fashion retailer’s ad that has been running for months now: “We drop prices, you drop names.” Talk about ad nausea. It’s just gross…. Read more »

At the marketing DELI, engagement is best served warm and frequently

M; Fresh Focused

In my last blog, I invited readers to join me at the marketing DELI – a useful acronym for four critical areas of interest that will help bring strategic focus to your branding, communications and marketing planning. I offered some insights on “D” – to differentiate in an increasingly cluttered and busy marketplace. This month… Read more »

Stuff We Like

Stuff We Like

Marketing that got us talking The 20 most viral ads of 2016 Meet Mrs. Claus – the new Christmas icon is here Ikea commercial makes moms weep forever New PSA campaign tackles growing Islamophobia PC gets the country to #EatTogether Marketing news or trends Four tricky ways that fake news can fool you… Read more »

Email: It’s not you it’s me

"90% of adulthood is just deleting emails"

I recently came across a blog with the curiosity-peaking title “How Email Became the Most Reviled Communication Experience Ever” (try to ignore the reviled animated graphics). It describes email as a combination of a fax machine and a telephone. A fax machine in that you have all the paperwork to process, and a telephone in all… Read more »

Stuff We Like

Stuff We Like

Marketing that got us talking How virtual tourism will help enhance real-world travel Put Down The Phone Samsung Official TVC: ‘The Anthem’ – Rio 2016 Olympic Games Global Beer Fridge (Extended) | Molson Canadian Mount Pleasant Group’s survival strategy The funeral service’s cheeky new campaign is all about why it doesn’t want us to die… Read more »


White type on a red background that says: We're Hiring, Full-Time account manager

FULL-TIME ACCOUNT MANAGER We’re looking for a stellar Account Manager – hey, that’s you right? We know the top drawer folks at #TeamTLM make it look easy, but really, you’ve got to have some chops to work here. We take pride in delivering fresh and focused marketing solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes…. Read more »