Stuff We Like

Stuff We Like

Marketing that got us talking The Togetherness Shirt 2017 Kia Niro | “Hero’s Journey” Starring Melissa McCarthy Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld 100 Years of Hairstyles – L’Oreal  Paris Samsung Ostrich Marketing news or trends  6 New Facebook Features for your Business 5 Under-Used Twitter Features That Can Help Your Business Stand Out… Read more »

Who doesn’t love a trip to the DELI?

M; Fresh Focused

At TLM, more and more we’re finding potential clients are coming to us looking for the tactical fixes to address new marketing challenges. They’re quick to ask about the best and/or trendiest social media bandwagon, how to function around heavy-handed anti-spam legislation, how and where to employ content marketing. All important questions, but what seems… Read more »

Quiet Writing

a sign saying Shhhh

Huh!? What’s quiet writing? It’s my term for crafting a written piece that conveys a message, but doesn’t overwhelm a reader or convey superiority. Pretty intangible concept, right? Let me explain… Look at the two examples below. My first impressions of sample A is that it is an official, formal piece of writing. Slightly intimidating… Read more »


White type on a red background that says: We're Hiring, Full-Time account manager

FULL-TIME ACCOUNT MANAGER We’re looking for a stellar Account Manager – hey, that’s you right? We know the top drawer folks at #TeamTLM make it look easy, but really, you’ve got to have some chops to work here. We take pride in delivering fresh and focused marketing solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes…. Read more »

Don’t overwrite your brand promise.

Fresh, focused, play nice. Those four words guide our work every day. Inventive thinking built on a base of strategic insight, in a work environment of fun and doing good things. Those four words are our brand promise. Totaling just 20 letters, they’re pretty easy to remember. It used to be longer, but we kept… Read more »

10 over-used words to avoid in your marketing

A hand emerging from a pile of paperwork holding a flag that says help

Like fashion has its fads and Hollywood its rising stars, marketing frequently falls under the spell of “faddy” catch words. These words are meant to establish a connection or promote your “of-the-moment-ness”, but are used so often, and by so many others, they are more likely to garner an eyeroll while falling flat: Social –… Read more »

How to promote your blog posts

By Jaime Bickerton So you’ve got a blog, eh? You’re regularly updating your website with valuable information, witty commentary and inspiriting insights. But wait… is anyone actually READING your posts? If the answer is no, let’s take a look at what you’re doing to drive people to your blog. Let me start off by saying,… Read more »