Stacey McCarthy

Sr. Account Manager

No one knows prose like Stacey: she is a dictionary, thesaurus and grammar guide all in one. When managing projects and building strategies, Stacey creates copy and content that delivers exceptional results. She balances an extreme attention to detail with sharp, strategic insights, and is an organized and focused project manager.

Phone: 519.836.6183 x 236

What I'm saying

Stop talking!

A picture of three speech bubbles

I don’t like awkward pauses. To me, that empty air reeks of uncertainty, helplessness or inadequacy. I often fill it with inane babble (or personal stuff better kept to myself). But there is benefit in not filling every second of a conversation… It lends importance – When you pause noticeably, it’s often because your preceding… Read more »

Quiet Writing

a sign saying Shhhh

Huh!? What’s quiet writing? It’s my term for crafting a written piece that conveys a message, but doesn’t overwhelm a reader or convey superiority. Pretty intangible concept, right? Let me explain… Look at the two examples below. My first impressions of sample A is that it is an official, formal piece of writing. Slightly intimidating… Read more »

5 Ways to Get the Most Value from Research Time

Picture of a stack of notebooks on a desk

5 Ways to Get the Most Value from Research Time I love research – it’s what made me want to be a reporter originally, and is one of many skills I’ve been able to transfer over into my role as a Marketing Strategist. Here, I’m happy to share some of my best research practices… 1…. Read more »

10 over-used words to avoid in your marketing

A hand emerging from a pile of paperwork holding a flag that says help

Like fashion has its fads and Hollywood its rising stars, marketing frequently falls under the spell of “faddy” catch words. These words are meant to establish a connection or promote your “of-the-moment-ness”, but are used so often, and by so many others, they are more likely to garner an eyeroll while falling flat: Social –… Read more »

How to conduct a good phone interview

How to Conduct A Phone Interview

Time is in short supply these days. But luckily expertise and a willingness to share are not! During our strategic planning work at The Letter M we’ve conducted hundreds of phone interviews with contacts here and around the world. I’m happy to pass on some hard-learned advice: Understand the challenges! Appearance and body language are… Read more »

New from The Letter M – “Mini” marketing plans

Every business needs a Marketing Plan. Whether your operation has two or 22 employees, there must be understanding and consistency on what you are saying, why you are saying it, who you are saying it to, when you are saying it, and how you are saying it: your business products and services shouldn’t be subject… Read more »

The bare essentials

Most women have wardrobe staples: the little black dress, perfect-fit dress pants, blazer or white blouse. There are also key essentials that form the basis of concerted marketing: Strategy: Before any copy or design development begins, a clear strategy – even a high-level one – is necessary to define audience(s), key messages, benefit statements, goals,… Read more »

Step it up during the May Health Challenge

We challenge you! To a walk that is. The Letter M is proud to be participating in the May Health Challenge established by ClearPath Chiropractic Health Centre. We’re making a pledge to improve health and wellbeing this month by going on at least one walking meeting each business day. It might sound like a lot,… Read more »

Why good design matters

With the plethora of design programs available, the omnificent Google, and a “can do” attitude, we sometimes get challenged: why should I hire an agency for design work when I can do it in-house? Because there is design. And then there is design. Good design does more than just look pretty, it has meaning and… Read more »

How to conduct an awesome interview

Stakeholder engagement is an important information-gathering tactic in the development of branding and marketing strategies. We’re seeking trends, keywords, design direction, identification of obstacles and opportunities, or just broad opinions. And we only get one chance to get all we need from them, so a focused effort is key: Have prepared questions. Even Barbara Walters… Read more »