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Operations Manager

As our resident problem solver, Tash is the one we turn to when the printer quits, we’re in need of a great production idea or any of a thousand other puzzles she helps solve on a daily basis. She also oversees IT, operations and production with precision and an enthusiasm for trying new things. Part of this inspiration comes from her love of travel to diverse places like Turkey, Uganda, Iceland and Galapagos.

Phone: 519.836.6183 x 222

What I'm saying

Simplifying passwords

Managing passwords for yourself can be a challenge, but if you’re responsible for keeping track of passwords for your whole family – or organization – it can become a very time-consuming and frustrating job. I’ve been using LastPass, both to manage my personal and our company passwords, for well over a year now and I… Read more »

Colour: It’s complicated!

A picture of a colour swatch with eight shades of red across the top and eight shades across the bottom.

Brand consistency is important. Your brand colours should match across all of your promotional pieces. But sometimes, that doesn’t happen. Before you order a reprint, you may want to read this blog… What colour is, how our eyes and brains interpret it, how cameras capture it and how computer monitors display it can create a… Read more »

Book Review: The Spark

I read The Spark on a recommendation from a friend. The book is about a woman (Kristine Barnett) whose son (Jake) was diagnosed with autism. Long after reading it, I keep thinking about some lessons that everyone could apply in daily life. Don’t blindly believe the experts At age two, when Jake was diagnosed, Kristine… Read more »

Using Technology During a Disaster

poster about emergency preparedness Week 2016

We rely on technology more and more to keep in touch with our family, friends, and colleagues with a click of a button. But what happens in the event of a major emergency? Suddenly these tools can become vital in helping you and your family deal get in touch and stay informed. So here are… Read more »

One of my favourite brands: President’s Choice

images of President's Choice products

It’s hard to choose one favourite brand, but one brand in particular has made inroads into several areas of my life: President’s Choice. Right from the beginning, I liked PC. So when they got into banking, and promised rewards instead of fees, I gave them my business. I used a PC cell phone for years,… Read more »

Four reasons to work in the office

A quote from Helen Keller that says Alone we can do so little; Tegether we can do so much."

I recently wrote a blog post listing four reasons to work from home, and while I love working from home, I do miss out on some things when I’m away from the office. Here are four reasons to spend time in the office: Stay “in the loop” When you’re not physically in the office, you… Read more »

What I’ve Learned in Marketing Series – #1

In our own words. Series 1. What I've learned from Marketing.

We asked our staff what they learned in marketing early on in their careers that still holds true today. Natasha started with us 15 years ago. Here is what she learned: Marketing works! Many people deny that they’re influenced by marketing. We all like to think we make decisions based on logic and facts, not because we… Read more »

Four reasons to work from home

house in the grass

Until recently, I didn’t like working from home. I tried it a few times (years ago) and felt I was more productive in the office. However, earlier this year I decided to give it another try and I’ve completely changed my tune! There are many reasons working in the office make sense (which is why… Read more »

Stuff We Like

Stuff We Like

Once a month, we compile a list of what we at The Letter M found informative, inspiring, or just plain funny. We hope you enjoy our finds. Marketing that got us talking Google Translate vs. “La Bamba” “The Waiters’ Mom พนักงานร้านอาหารก็มีแม่” : Bar B Q Plaza (English Subtitle) NIVEA Mom’s Touch – Stories of Extraordinary… Read more »

Stuff We Like

Stuff We Like

Once a month, we compile a list of what we at The Letter M found informative, inspiring, or just plain funny. We hope you enjoy our finds. Marketing that got us talking Anti-Ads: People Urge Companies To Stop Supporting Qatar 2022 World Cup Mom outraged after daughter’s photo used in ad for genetic screening A… Read more »