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No work starts until Julie knows the key messages, audiences and goals for any materials. This allows her to always deliver a unique visual experience for clients that is on-strategy, memorable and effective. Known for her fresh and bold approach, Julie brings more than 18 years of experience to her art with a honed eye for sophisticated and unique design.

Phone: 519.836.6183 x 226

What I'm saying

Bentley’s Journey to Walk – An Update One Year Later

You may remember our posts on Guelph resident, Bentley Mitchell, or you may already be a follower of his story. Just over one year ago, he was in St. Louis undergoing life-changing Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery. It’s a procedure that treats muscle spasticity (painful cramps and spasms) and most commonly affects those with Cerebral Palsy, like… Read more »

Our modern dictionary

"Humblebrag: an ostensibly modest or self-deprecating statement whose actual purpose is to draw attention to something of which one is proud."

At a recent TLM blog brainstorm, I threw out the idea of compiling modern words that had recently been added to the dictionary. This was spurred by my recent discovery of the “humblebrag” – an oxymoron that gave me a good laugh. We can all guess what this word means. Oxford Dictionaries defines it as… Read more »

Email: It’s not you it’s me

"90% of adulthood is just deleting emails"

I recently came across a blog with the curiosity-peaking title “How Email Became the Most Reviled Communication Experience Ever” (try to ignore the reviled animated graphics). It describes email as a combination of a fax machine and a telephone. A fax machine in that you have all the paperwork to process, and a telephone in all… Read more »

Pantone Colour Report Spring 2016

A picture of the pantone colour swatches for Spring 2016

Rose Quartz. Pantone’s 2016 Colour of the Year. I was a fan of last year’s deep wine, Marsala, and am not a huge fan of pink, but this is a refreshing and lighter neutral. The spring palette is described as calming, tranquil and relaxing. Other than the occasional bright and energetic swatches (Buttercup yellow and… Read more »

Bentley’s Journey to Walk – Update

A boy named Bentley is pictured as he is learning how to walk after surgery on his legs.

In today’s post, we are tipping our hats to Bentley Mitchell – a Community Hero who has persevered through a physical disability with determination and hard work to make a dream come true. Back in August, we posted about Chad and Melissa Mitchell’s fundraising campaign for a surgical procedure, for their son Bentley’s Cerebral Palsy,… Read more »

Graphic design 2015: A top five list

The numbers 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Design blast off are written in white on a red background.

We’re a little ways into 2016, but I never tire of reading top five or top 10 lists. Here are some design-related stories from the past year that I personally found “click-throughable”. Google rebrands. I was more than happy to see the old logo tossed to the curb. The new one is pleasantly sans serif… Read more »

Future of a flag

a picture of the two new proposed flags for New Zealand.

For the first time in history, all New Zealanders will have an opportunity to choose their flag. The referendum, taking place in March, is between the current flag and a new design. I always appreciate hearing the thoughts behind a design so here are descriptions for both: Silver Fern Flag by Kyle Lockwood The silver… Read more »

Picasso Sculpture

A photograph of a Pablo Picasso cubist sculpture.

When I initially read about this exhibit, my first thought was, “Picasso sculpted??” Everyone knows his famous Cubist paintings such as Girl Before a Mirror, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and Le Rêve. Not that he was traditional in his painting style, but since he wasn’t trained as a sculptor, he didn’t follow tradition in this medium… Read more »

Advertising fails

A cartoon picture of a lady in a bathtub holding a glass of beer.

You’ve heard about Pinterest Fails but have you ever tried replicating something based on what you saw in an ad? Not bought something because you saw it in an ad, but tried your own experiment? I have, and the result was not as sparkling as the ad’s result. When I was a kid, shampoo made… Read more »

2015 Pantone Fall Colour Report

“A truly unisex palette” says the Pantone Color Institute about this season’s Colour Report. Army green to apricot – it really does have something for everyone. See the full report.