Diane Cvetich

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No one juggles multiple projects like Diane. When a task is complex with a variety of elements that need attending, Diane keeps all the balls in the air. Clients love Diane and she loves ensuring all of their marketing needs are met. And on top of that, her home-baked goods have the power to transport people to another dimension.

Phone: 519.836.6183 x 238

What I'm saying


The word resilience is seen as a blue key on keyboard

Resiliency – an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. We all go through ups and downs in our lives and if lucky, can bounce back to that even keel that we each function best at. But sometimes, getting back there isn’t so easy. Why do some people seem to be… Read more »

What I’ve Learned in Marketing Series – #2

In our own words. Series 1. What I've learned from Marketing.

We asked our staff what they learned in marketing early on in their careers that still holds true today. Diane started with us 12 years ago. Here is what she learned: Attention to detail is very important. Proofreading is an important part of our processes here at TLM. All projects are subjected to multiple sets of eyes… Read more »

Celebrate Clean Air Day

Tomorrow (Wednesday, June 3rd) is Clean Air Day. As each person will take more than 20,000 breaths tomorrow, it is definitely in your best interest to think about this, discuss it with your family and try to make a conscious choice to lessen the amount of air pollutants that we all contribute to our environment…. Read more »

Social media marketing with style

Wild Rose Consignment Store Sign

Some of my favourite posts on Facebook are those from Wild Rose Consignment Clothing. High quality, on-point style and vintage offerings right in my newsfeed. What’s not to like? But how have they, as a small business here in Guelph, managed to get 1,822 likes on Facebook, 625 followers on Twitter and 160 followers on… Read more »

A little effort can literally save lives

Canadian Blood Services announced last week that Canada’s blood inventory levels are at a critically low level. This concerns me very much because I am a lifelong blood donor. I just completed my 70th donation (five more and I get a gold card….whoo hoo!). But before you start to pat me on the back, I… Read more »

Inspiration for an active life

I pretty much hate to work out. (I believe I used this line in a previous blog, so bear with me). As much as I grumble about it, I look at staying active as a necessity in order to eat all the food I love (trust me, that is a lot of food) and to… Read more »

Is Pinterest a valuable marketing tool?

The answer to that depends to whom you are marketing. The typical Pinterest user is an adult woman, under the age of 50, white, with some college education. Studies have shown women are five times as likely as men to use Pinterest. But many companies recognize that marketing power and use Pinterest to help accelerate… Read more »

Roll up the Rim…and make someone’s day

It’s that time again… time for all you Timmie’s fans to Roll up the Rim. It always makes me laugh how excited everyone gets for that first roll. The anticipation… the excitement… and maybe, you even win a coffee or donut. Makes your day! But often, that torn off winning rim is thrown in the… Read more »

Diane’s favourite ad of 2013

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One of my favourite ads of the year was the Dove Real Beauty Sketches, which Doug wrote about as part of our storytelling theme. Dove placed a forensic artist behind a curtain and then had a woman come into the room and describe herself to him. The artist then drew the women from her description…. Read more »

Vacation = Inspiration

Someone once said “Inspiration is where one finds it.” This technically means I can find inspiration in my own back yard, the grocery store and even at (ugh) the gym. But I also think a boost to inspiring thought and mindset is to get out of your routine, jump in the car and go someplace… Read more »