Listen, we won’t tell you we’ll “build a better brand promise”, “frame your key messages” or “benchmark best practices” to “boost your ROI”. To us, marketing is something you deliver, not drop in conversations. At the Letter M, we like to keep it simple: create fresh marketing that gets noticed, and gets results. We do it by listening more than we talk. By being guided by a clear strategy. By following processes that keep us on time and on budget. And by treating other human beings like human beings.

Answering your marketing questions


“Our high-end hair studio doesn’t have a marketing person. We’re on a tight budget, but we know we need to do something. We want to: Attract new customers Retain current customers Differentiate ourselves Increase social media presence Where should we start?” Strategy (how to plan it) The first thing any company should do is make… Read more »

Why rebrand? Five reasons.


Nothing gets the social media lines humming like a tweak or a nudge to a high profile brand’s logo. If GAP, Starbucks or more recently LCBO are looking for a Tweet or ten thousand, pre-launching a modified brand will usually do the trick. Creating chatter is no reason to rebrand of course, and hardly why… Read more »