Listen, we won’t tell you we’ll “build a better brand promise”, “frame your key messages” or “benchmark best practices” to “boost your ROI”. To us, marketing is something you deliver, not drop in conversations. At the Letter M, we like to keep it simple: create fresh marketing that gets noticed, and gets results. We do it by listening more than we talk. By being guided by a clear strategy. By following processes that keep us on time and on budget. And by treating other human beings like human beings.

Thinking a rebrand will fix everything? It won’t.

Up North 7.10 072

Recently I wrote about why a business or organization should consider updating its brand. Undoubtedly, evolving your brand is essential – it was a brilliant move for our agency in 2012. However, it wasn’t a magic elixir either – the skies didn’t open up with new business, nor did our weaknesses suddenly fade away. If… Read more »

Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics


“Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics” is a new exhibit at the Design Exchange in Toronto and explores this unique relationship from 1960 to today. A familiar face to many of us, Canadian fashion journalist Jeanne Beker, is the guest curator. The 200+ works on display showcase how politics have driven style and how… Read more »

Stuff We Like


Marketing that got us talking Walk in the footsteps of Jane Goodall with Google Maps Official Fiat 500X teaser – blue pill Matthew McConaughey and the MKC: “Bull” Official Commercial YouTube Video Ads – Watch it Work for Your Business Leftovers take over Greater Vancouver for awareness campaign Since October, an army of wide-eyed food… Read more »