Listen, we won’t tell you we’ll “build a better brand promise”, “frame your key messages” or “benchmark best practices” to “boost your ROI”. To us, marketing is something you deliver, not drop in conversations. At the Letter M, we like to keep it simple: create fresh marketing that gets noticed, and gets results. We do it by listening more than we talk. By being guided by a clear strategy. By following processes that keep us on time and on budget. And by treating other human beings like human beings.

How 3D printing can change your business

3D printing is popping up everywhere. You can print almost anything you can imagine, including clothes, dishes, musical instruments, guns, and even replacement body parts. NASA is even talking about 3D printing food in space! You might not be 3D printing things yourself, yet. But 3D printing will likely impact your life or business in… Read more »

What colour should you wear?


Image Source Frequently at The Letter M, multiple people show up to work dressed in the same colour. It’s happened so often in the last few months, that I began to wonder why we choose the colours we do. As I rummage through my closet in the morning, I’ve often said to myself, “Nah, not… Read more »

Should you build your own website?


We’ve become a DIY culture. A few quick searches online and you find instructions to do just about anything. Unfortunately, in the process of being self-sufficient “do-it-allers”, it’s easy to lose sight of the value that professionals bring to the table. Website development is no exception. There are currently more than 60 million WordPress sites… Read more »