Listen, we won’t tell you we’ll “build a better brand promise”, “frame your key messages” or “benchmark best practices” to “boost your ROI”. To us, marketing is something you deliver, not drop in conversations. At the Letter M, we like to keep it simple: create fresh marketing that gets noticed, and gets results. We do it by listening more than we talk. By being guided by a clear strategy. By following processes that keep us on time and on budget. And by treating other human beings like human beings.

Inspiration for an active life

Woman working out while at the gym

I pretty much hate to work out. (I believe I used this line in a previous blog, so bear with me). As much as I grumble about it, I look at staying active as a necessity in order to eat all the food I love (trust me, that is a lot of food) and to… Read more »

Stuff We Like


Once a month, we compile a list of what we at The Letter M found informative, inspiring, or just plain funny. We hope you enjoy our finds. Marketing that got us talking Coca-Cola 2nd Lives Be more huggable with Downy Volkswagen – Eyes on the road GEICO Hump Day Camel Commercial – Happier than a… Read more »

What’s Up at The Letter M


It was a ball at Conversat! The drinks flowed freely, the decorations were breathtaking, the music kept toes tapping, and the fireworks finale lit up the sky. We are proud to have been part of the University of Guelph’s Conversat Ball, offering our graphic design expertise and services, and high-level strategic insights to this exciting… Read more »