Listen, we won’t tell you we’ll “build a better brand promise”, “frame your key messages” or “benchmark best practices” to “boost your ROI”. To us, marketing is something you deliver, not drop in conversations. At the Letter M, we like to keep it simple: create fresh marketing that gets noticed, and gets results. We do it by listening more than we talk. By being guided by a clear strategy. By following processes that keep us on time and on budget. And by treating other human beings like human beings.

Use memory hookups to improve your writing


The English language provides many opportunities to use similar-sounding words incorrectly. I find memory hookups very helpful when I write. Below are three of my favourites, which I swiped from other brilliant people’s websites (giving due credit of course). Stationery vs. stationary Stationery: The paper kind. They both have an “er”. Stationary: The parked kind…. Read more »

Top 12 accessibility tips


Thousands of your customers have, or will have, disabilities that affect hearing, speaking, reading, writing and understanding. Making your organization fully accessible is a necessary undertaking. And one required by law. However, the desire to be accessible shouldn’t be driven by fear of litigation, but rather a dedication to ensuring your communications reach, and are… Read more »